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Scorpion SWC4000 4.0 KVA Sine Wave Construction Petrol Generator

Torini offering the world’s most reliable and dependable range of generators by combining ease of operation, strong rugged design and leading edge technology introduce their new construction range. Suitable for all construction and building sites.
Torini have fitted IP66* Rated power outlets and RCD to their already famous professional generators to offer the most robust generators available to the building and construction industry. IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating – 66 depicts a rating of Dust tight and Powerful water jets proof.
Torini uses a superior AVR* equipped with a Digital Stability Control Program. This allows voltage to be calculated and controlled at the outlet, not the alternator. Combined with Hi-Lo Limit Safety Shut Off makes Torini one of the most advanced generators available in the world today. *AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulator – this automatically maintains a constant voltage level to protect the user’s tools and appliances. Torini use leading edge alternator and electronic technology to offer a range of generators that produce very pure energy supply. This clean and pure form of energy makes Torini Generators suitable to power even the most delicate electronic devices eg: laptop.


Longer run time 10-50% larger fuel tanks than previous models
Transistorised Ignition 
AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulation Protects your Equipment
OHV (Over Head Valve)
Low Vibration
Fast Starting
High Efficiency
695mm 555mm 590mm 
Powered by Torino Engines!
3 Years warranty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



Max watts: 3000
Rated watts: 2800
18litre Fuel Tank

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