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Rover Front Tine 158cc,24"Tilling Width


Yard Machine 241E Front Tyne Tiller

Breaking ground is easy with Yard Machines tillers. Front tine tillers have handle mounted engagement levers for added safety and convenience. Choose froml features such as adjustable tilling widths of 13", 22" and 24". When you need to move a serious amount of earth, the Yard Machines rear tine tillers have the muscle to get the job done. The self sharpening, heat treated tines and 18" tilling width quickly break up hard soil, while the steel serrated trailing shield protects the operator from rocks and dust. All tillers feature adjustable depth bars and a two year limited warranty.


Product Number Model: 241E
Engine Type Tecumseh 5.5hp
Tilling Width 13", 22", 24"
Depth Control Adjustable
Tyne Drive 3 step Chain Reduction
Tyne Engagement Handle Mounted lever
Transport Drive system Push
Tyne Diameter 12"

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