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Hustler ATZ FX1000 Kawasaki,60" VX4 Cut Zero Turn Rider


By integrating our patented SmoothTrakâ„¢ steering and a potent 35 hp Kawasaki FX engine into its clean, compact design, the Hustler ATZ (“All Terrain Z”) brings zero-turn mowing efficiency to an even higher level.  With its extended frame, special 24” bar-tread tires, and a combination of wheel weights and added frame weights, the remarkable Hustler ATZ delivers mowing flexibility that’s tough to match.  You get a sure footing and uniform cut every time, even on slopes up to 25 degrees!  If slopes are on your job list, nothing compares to the agility, speed and efficiency of the Hustler ATZ.  Trees, obstacles, square corners and tight circles are no hill for a climber

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