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Mowers - Electric

Electric / Cordless Lawnmowers

When you only have a small job to do or you just don't want to have to worry about checking the fuel, oil and air filter in your mower - then maybe an electric or cordless mower is what you need.

Starting from the lightweight plastic base units that are designed only for small areas of light grass up to the high strength steel base units that offer the same frame as a petrol mower but fitted with large capacity 240 volt electric motors.

Please Note: We generally only recommend to our customers to buy the stronger steel base units which use the larger electric motors. The main reason for this is that most electric or cordless mowers are brought in from Europe where the cutting conditions are generally lighter and as such the mowers are built with smaller electric motors and plastic bases.

If you are looking for a something not listed please feel free to give us a call !!

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