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CMC-L-logo-150.jpgYamaha Inverter Petrol Generators

Yamaha’s Inverter Series generators are the new wave in generator technology, for when you need clean, high-quality electricity in a compact, lightweight package.Bringing along a generator was never quieter or easier, whether operating computer equipment in the field, four-wheel-driving, camping,fishing, operating power tools or overcoming a power outage.

Inverter technology regulates the electrical output using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to produce clean, high-quality electricity. That means these generators deliver a "pure" sine wave with full width and amplitude so you can use them with confidence as a power source for computers, solid-state appliances with built-in computer functions or microcomputer-controlled power tools.

Yamaha is always pushing the technology envelope to make generators quieter and more efficient while continuing to deliver exceptional performance. The perfect example is Yamaha's new Smart Throttle feature that automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. Smart Throttle allows your generator to run quieter while increasing fuel efficiency, lengthening engine life, and extending running time between refuelling.

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