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Masport are the No.1 manufacturer of 4 stroke lawnmowers in the southern hemisphere. Their range of innovative features on their machines plus their extensive warranty system make them a poplular choice. Their new MSV range offers a 19" cut, 4 blade disc,wide wheels, adjustable handles, side discharge etc etc

MTD are one of the largest manufacturers of Outdoor Power Equipment in the world. In their mower range they offer an extensive range from lightweight economical range to heavy duty self propelled units for the commercial operator.


The Rover mower range are purpose built to cut through the toughest Australian conditions and do it year after year. Rover mowers have the range of features and benefits that provide a wide choice to cover all markets. 


Victa have earned a reputation for innovation, strong performance and rock solid reliability. They offer a range of simple to use 2 stroke machines that can satisfy the most demanding consumer.


We handle only quality brands including the very popular Masport, Rover, Victa, Tandem, Yard Machine &Yardman range. The features available include catching, mulching, built in chipper, self propelled, reel mowers and the good old manual push style, for those wanting some exercise when they mow the lawn. To help with this decision we keep over 30 models of mowers on our showroom floor.

Please Note: Some manufacturers produce a varied range of mowers for various industry groups like mower stores,electrical outlets, hardware stores etc. Many machines look the same but have been 'cut down' in construction to make them cheaper. Areas such as single ball bearing wheels instead of double, lightweight back flaps, cheap handles etc. To make sure you are comparing 'apples to apples' don't go by looks but by each units specifications which are detailed on their individual brochures

Always remember that a "cheap" mower is only cheap if it doesn't spend more time in a service department being fixed than mowing your lawn. If you choose the correct mower for the correct application you'll spend less time kicking it and more time relaxing!

Our advise is FREE and based on years of experience seeing what machines last and what units cost owners a small fortune in repairs !


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