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Inside the ECHO saw's low-friction monolithic cylinder is a precision-finished aluminium alloy piston mounted on a ultra-strong connection rod. The cylinder has a chrome porous bore which provides superior lubrication to the piston & rings decreasing wear and increasing power output.

Inside, each saw has a high-precision, high-pressure adjustable automatic oil pump to lubricate the chain and bar. The high pressure pump will ensure that the oil galleries will remain open and hence continuously provide the correct lubrication to the chain & bar.

Each ECHO saw is fitted with SAIS2, ECHO's Stepped Advanced Ignition System which allows for a optimum timing curve for starting revolutions whilst delivering full power in the operating RPM range. This gives the easiest starting and while maintaining high power outputs.

All ECHO saws are fitted standard with Inertia Chain Brakes for greatly increased safety compared to other chain brakes. The mechanism will stop the chain in the event of a kick back without the operators hand first touching the chain brake lever.

Full Anti Vibration Mounts ensure that the operator is protected from vibration from the engine and chain. You can cut for longer with much less fatigue.

Other chainsaw makers may not bother with such advanced engineering and premium components because they know most owners will never look deep inside their chain saw. But ECHO will not compromise. From the inside out ECHO designs and assemble chain saws and all other products with a single goal - give users the finest tools in the world.

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